While you brace yourself for a serious weight loss, you will get to know that there are thousands of weight loss techniques that are believed to assist weight loss.

However, majority of these restricts you from eating more. Techniques like these leave you feel hungry and discouraged in the end, because giving up your favorite foods for long is not easy for all!

Yes, to lose weight, you need to have a strong willpower, and saying this would not be wrong that without it, you cannot succeed! However, if you wish to cut the excess pounds without straining yourself, then we have come up with three most effective and simple steps to cut weight!

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So, what are these get to know below:

1. Limit starches and sugars:

Yes, the very first and foremost step to stick to a healthy weight is limiting your starches and sugars intake! Yes, I mean to cut your carb consumption.  No doubt, these are the ‘actual’ foods that encourage the production of insulin, which is said to be a major fat storage hormone.

When your body produces less insulin, fats are easily released from the fat stores and thus, annihilated by your body more efficiently. Besides, when our body has less insulin, our kidneys are able to release unwanted water and sodium from our body. A situation like this saves you from excess water weight.

Well, cutting the intake of carbohydrates can help you drop as much as 8 to 10 lbs in just 7 days.

It will help you reduce your body fat, as well as your water weight way more naturally and speedily.

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2. Take protein, fat and low-carbohydrate vegetables:

Consider taking a source of protein, low carbohydrate vegetable and fat in all the three meals respectively. This is one proven and healthy way to get in shape faster. Remember, you should not exceed the suggested range of carbohydrate that is fifty grams a day.

You can obtain protein from meat, seafood, eggs etc. None can deny the significance of protein for our body. No doubt, we need this vital nutrient for all good reasons. Protein can ignite our metabolic activities, make us feel fuller long and more importantly, curb our hunger to some extent. Saying this would not be wrong that protein is what you need the most, if you wish to shape yourself.

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When it comes low carbohydrate vegetables, you can go for cauliflower, celery, kale, cucumber, broccoli, spinach etc. There is no limit of taking low carb vegetables for these tend to be fewer in carb. Thus, no matter how much you eat these, you will not exceed your daily limit of carb.

Your body needs fat too, thus, do not resist yourself from taking this crucial nutrient in your diet. You can obtain fat from butter, avocado and coconut oil etc. Ideally, you can cook your food in coconut oil for it tends to be high in MCTs. MCTs stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, the fats that can keep you fuller and can fuel up your metabolic rate to some extent. So you can fearlessly use such significant fats as these are also studied to lower the risks of heart diseases.

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So, such a diet will not just help you trim your waistline in days, but will also help you stay in your best of health! These will deliver all the minerals, vitamins and fiber your body needs to cut weight and stays healthy. At this moment, you can skip adding grains in your diet chart for your body needs the least of them.

Taking two to three meals a day is more ideal. However, if you feel the need to eat more, you can include the 4th meal too. Do not go parallel with a low fat and low carbohydrate diet. This will end you up feeling sick and depressed.

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3. Lift weights:

Even though, exercise is not a necessity, yet it is highly preferable if you wish to shed faster. You can do gymming three to four times a week. If your body is not use to exercises, consult a trainer however if you regularly workout, then you must simply lift weights after warming your body. Weight lifting should be followed by stretching.

Normally, during the process of losing weight, your metabolism turns slow. However, weight lifting is one proven way to keep it going and annihilate more calories.

Some studies indicate that consuming a low carb diet can help you shed body fat to a significant level and gain muscle mass to some point. Besides, if you do not feel comfortable lifting weights then you can go for some simple cardio workouts.

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To keep yourself motivated and stick to healthy eating habits, you should consider taking a day off from low carb foods. However, the practice is optional and can be done once every week. But before you take an off from low carb foods, do not forget that you still need to take healthier carbohydrates. Such can be obtained from potatoes, fruits, rice and so.

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An approach like this would save you from boredom, which is common during the dieting process. Consuming something unhealthy this day, would also be fine as this would not make enough difference to your weight.


If you keep your diet low in carbohydrates, consume fat and more importantly, protein, than you do not need to keep a check on calories. However, do not forget that you should not exceed your carb intake from 50 grams!

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If you wish to lose weight at a faster pace, then the following tips can help you with the purpose:

  • Take protein in breakfast: This is one proven way to control your hunger pangs or say, limit your calorie consumption. Consume foods that are high in protein, particularly in your breakfast.
  • Say no to sugary drinks: Drinks like these would satisfy your taste buds to the greatest, however, are merely a source of fat you would supply to your body. Thus, say no to sugary drinks to the most.
  • Increase your water intake: Do not forget to increase your water intake, if you wish to shape your body fast. Water is proven to expedite metabolic activities particularly, when taken half an hour prior to the meals.
  • Add foods that can assist weight loss: there are many foods and fruits that can pace up a sluggish metabolism. Lean cut of meats and grapes are few examples of these.
  • Consume soluble fiber: if studies are to believed then soluble fibers can help in lowering body fat, particularly the fat encompassing your abdomen area.
  • Take tea or coffee: Both coffee and tea contains caffeine. Caffeine, the content is proven to ignite the basal metabolic activities by as much as 11 percent.
  • Take unprocessed foods: Foods like these are good for all ‘healthy’ reasons! Yes, these are healthy foods that are way more filling than processed foods.
  • Consume food slowly: As per the studies, people who eat faster are way more likely to gain weight as compared to the ones who eat slow and chew their food more. Scientifically, this helps in boosting the production of certain hormones that aids in weight loss.
  • Take small plates: Well, this may sound strange to almost everyone but studies suggest that people who use smaller plates to consume their meals end up eating less than those who use larger plates. That’s right! So next time you sit to have your meals, look for the plate after looking what you will be consuming!
  • Brush your teeth before going to bed: Yes, like the former, this is another psychological game that keeps you from eating more. Studies suggest that people who brush their teeth before going to bed are more likely to avoid overnight munching!
  • Take enough sleep: Quality sleep is very important, when it comes to weight loss. A good sleep lowers the likelihood of stress which is a main contributor of excessive weight.
  • Avoid being stress: Then again, stress can make you gain more weight as it ignites the production of some weight contributing hormones in your body. Thus, take preventive measures to combat stress to the greatest.

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This was all about weight loss. Remember, the process is more like a ‘battle’ that can be won with utmost patience and dedication towards the goals!

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